7 Ancient Ayurvedic Ingredients That Have Anti-Aging Effects

3000 years ago, women certainly did not have the beauty tools or products that we have today. What they did have were the gifts provided by Mother Nature. It took them a long time to find the exact ones that they needed, but in the end, they came out looking youthful and refreshed.

And all of that thanks to 7 great Ayurvedic ingredients that will promote rejuvenation to your body and mind.

Holy basil

Holy basil is considered to be of great use for your body, mind, and spirit due to its great nutritional value. It represents a rich source of Vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, zinc, and chlorophyll. Holy basil can help against issues linked to bronchitis, eczema, malaria, stomach ulcers, and much more.

But basil can also help you slow down the aging of the body as well. You see, this powerful herb contains great anti-aging antioxidants, which is why it can protect you against free radicals, oxidative stress, and various environmental irritants. Thus, holy basil can rejuvenate the body and keep you looking, but also feeling young and refreshed.


Ashwagandha is known as “the herb with the strength of ten horses.” Its benefits extend to a pretty far end – from being able to boost the energy levels, reduce stress and fatigue, to even being able to relieve insomnia.

This is yet another herb with strong rejuvenating properties. With the regular use of Ashwagandha, one can expect to see changes in the quality of their hair, skin, and overall health. When used daily, it creates wonders for your skin, making it more youthful and glowing, while also taking care of any visible line lines and wrinkles.


Turmeric is no less of a magical herb. With its active compound, with that being curcumin, turmeric will do its best to keep any diseases out of your way. But at the same time, it will work on slowing down the aging process and reducing its visible traces.

Curcumin works by reducing any present inflammation and eliminating any free radicals and oxidative stress in the body. One of the best benefits of using turmeric daily is that you do not have to care about the damage that the harmful UV rays are doing to your skin. Pair it up with a quality SPF cream, and you get the whole package of benefits!


Guduchi, also known as Giloy, is often an underestimated herb. Do not make that mistake, because Guduchi can promote some amazing health benefits if you allow it. It is its goal to revive the skin tissues and to soothe your inflamed skin, all thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Ginseng can be often seen listed among the ingredients of some of the best Korean skincare products, and with a good reason, that is. We are talking about a fantastical anti-aging herb here, one that is able to erase any marks that the natural aging process has left on your skin and your entire body.

Thanks to all of the phytochemicals found in ginseng, this herb works to reduce the aging signs and to boost the skin’s metabolism. Besides, ginseng also focuses on fighting the damage that the harmful UV rays are doing to your skin, thus speeding up the aging process.


Amalaki or Amla is among the best herbs that will help you fight the aging process. Being a source of Vitamin C, anti-oxidative properties, and great antioxidants, Amalaki will help to once again strengthen your loose, saggy skin, while taking care of any visible wrinkles and dull-looking skin.


Last but not least important, we have gotu-kola with all of its flavonoids and antioxidants. Through daily use, Gotu-kola can keep you looking young, while keeping your cells healthy and nourished. Being able to enhance the reduced collagen production, gotu-kota will make sure that there are less visible wrinkles and fine lines.

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